My Process

I have a simple seven step process that you can find out more about below. This sets out what happens when you contact me and what you can expect at it step as we interact.

First Contact

Reach out to me by email, phone or use the contact form below to get the process started. At this stage you can let me know what your requirements are. Whether it’s to set up new campaigns, carry out a review, improve your campaigns or create a digital strategy, you can be confident that I’m happy to help and I’ll listen to your requirements.


Next, we will set up some time to discuss your requirements. And that discussion can happen over the phone, on Teams or even email, whatever is best for you. I’ll ask some questions to find out more about your business and you can ask me any questions about my work and how I can help. I’ll also be able to tell you if I’m able to help or not at this stage.


For all my services, I carry out a review to assess what has happened, what the issues are and how we can improve or implement things. So, whether that’s setting up a new Google Ads campaign or launching a digital marketing strategy or offering training, I’ll need to carry out a review before we move forward, and I’ll send you my thoughts. The review is free.

Client Brief

If you’re not running any campaigns or advertising, a client brief may be more important. And I’ll send one to you to fill out. However, I may still need you to fill out a brief after the review so I can get more information that will help me to understand your business. This will include details like the nature of your products or services and who you want to target. And you can provide more information that you may deem as necessary.


After completing the review and/or submitting a marketing brief, I’ll work on a proposal. The proposal will include such things as objectives, what budgets I recommend, marketing strategy, competitor research, campaign types, timeliness and more. And I’ll include my quote which includes all the charges and fees for the services I’ll provide. I’ll them email the proposal to you so you can review it.


After reviewing the proposal, I’m sure you’ll have some comments or questions about it. So, you can set up some time to discuss this and you could also email me
your questions and I’ll answer them. You’ll also let me know your thoughts about the proposal and if there are any changes or suggestions you want to make especially around the budgets, quote, locations and so on.

Sign Off

After clearing up all issues in the proposal and you have come to a decision, you can contact me to let me know your thoughts. And if you’re happy with the proposal and ready to get started, feel free to reach out me as soon as possible, to get the ball rolling. I’ll then let you know if I need anything else, like access to your Google account for example, if that is relevant. And we can get started working together.

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

Use the form below to contact me and we will go from there. I’ll then get back to you within 24 hours.
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I promise that information entered in this form will not be used to send unsolicited email or spam and will not be sent to a third party.


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