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Google Ads Training
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Are you a business owner or marketer and looking to learn Google Ads? Maybe you are a student and want to get into the industry, or are just curious about how it all works?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Google Ads is the leading digital marketing platform in the United States and around the world. And learning it now will help you set up and manage effective campaigns and take your career or business forward.

Unfortunately, many businesses run ads in substandard campaigns that produce consistently poor results. And they waste a lot of money and struggle to make it work.

But this Google Ads pay per click (PPC) training course will help you prevent or fix that. My name is Mike Ncube and I’m a Google Ads specialist and I’ve trained thousands of people for over 15 years.

One-to-One or Group PPC Training

Whether it’s for one person or it’s a team that requires the Google Ads training, I’d be happy to help. My classes usually have 1 to 18 attendees, and they are tailored to each individual or group that requires training. And the training is suited for beginner to advanced learners. Contact me today to discuss your training requirements and for a bespoke quote.

Google Ads Training Course

Introduction to Google Ads

If you and your team are pressed for time and can’t commit enough time and resources to your digital campaigns, then you’ll need help. I’ll be able to audit your digital strategy and show you how I can help implement effective campaigns and leave you to focus on running your business, so you don’t worry about your campaigns.

Account Setup

Next, you’ll learn how to set up a Google Ads account and how to do it the right way. This will cover the type of campaign you’d like to set up whether you’d be working on one account or multiple accounts if you’re an agency for example. You’ll also learn what you’ll need to collect beforehand to create your account and prevent any problems later like suspensions.

Keyword Research

We will also cover a very important part of Google Ads training. This is keyword research, and it helps us to choose the keywords that you want to appear for. You will learn what keywords are and how they work and best practices for finding yours. And you’ll learn the best tools that you can use for keyword research and which ones are paid and free.

Campaign Setup

After creating your Google Ads account and carrying out keyword and competitor research, you’ll learn how to create a campaign. There are multiple campaign types in Google Ads, but we will focus mainly on a Search campaign and look briefly at others like Display and Shopping. And you’ll the features you need to update the campaign.

Text Ads

Part of the campaign set up includes creating text ads. In Google Ads these are known as Responsive search ads, and they represent a big shift in how ads now appear on Google. This part is very important to learn well because your text ads are the only visible part of your campaign to your target audiences. So, you’ll learn what to include and exclude.

Conversion Tracking

The Google Ads training course will cover setting up conversion tracking for your website. Whether you want to track sales, leads, downloads, registrations or other, you’ll need to learn how to do this the right way. And you’ll discover how to do this with the various tools provided by Google like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and within your Google Ads account.


Remarketing is a way to reach people who’ve been on your website before but did not convert. This is also known as retargeting, and you can set it up to target past visitors in various ways. This will be an introduction to Remarketing and you’ll learn how this works and how it can be tailored for your industry and business to maximize your results.

Campaign Reporting

Finally, we’ll be looking at reporting and how you can do this the right way. There are many metrics and performance results to track in Google Ads and you’ll need to choose the best ones for you. There are also many reporting tools both in Google and in third-party platforms. And Google Analytics is one of the best tracking tools and it provides reporting tools too.

Who I Train

My Google Ads training solutions are designed for marketers, students, and business owners. So, if you want to learn Google Ads to take your career forward, get into the industry or improve your campaigns, then get in touch to find out more about the Google Ads course.

Google Ads Training FAQs

What do you charge?

Every Google Ads PPC training course is unique, and I often have people contacting me with different requirements. So, it’s not always easy to say how much I charge explicitly. However, I’m always happy to discuss and send you a custom quote that’s most relevant for your training needs. Contact me to discuss.

How do I register?

Please use the form below to submit a query and we will get back to you with next steps.

Is this in-person or online training?

Currently all training is online on Teams but that may change later. However, please contact me if you have a specific requirement for in-person training especially if it’s for group Google Ads training.

How long is the training?

The training will be online on Teams over a two-day period. Each day will be up to four hours of training.

Do you offer Google Ads certification?

Not now. This is something we will provide later so please look out for an update from us or check back regularly for an update.

Is this beginner or advanced training?

This Google Ads training course is suitable for beginner to advanced Google Ads practitioners. It takes you from the fundamentals which are important for experienced people as a refresher to advanced features, step by step.

Do you offer group or one-to-one training?

Yes, I offer both group and one-to-one Google Ads training. Contact me to find out more and how I charge.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes, I do offer group rates and that depends on how many people need training. However, it’s important to know that my training is ideal for 1 to 18 people per session

What if I need extra training?

The Google Ads training I provide will equip you with all you’ll need to implement an effective strategy for your website. However, I’d be happy to provide more training to cover more details and the same material when required.

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