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Google Ads Audit from Mike Ncube

Are your Google Ads campaigns underperforming? Or you’re not sure if you’re getting the most from your budget and need a Google Ads audit to find out how things can be improved?

Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, a Google Ads audit will help you to:

  • get expert opinion on how your ads are performing
  • allocate budgets to the right campaigns and ads
  • increase sales or leads for less advertising spend.
  • launch better performing ads and keywords
  • gain insights that you can implement yourself or work with me

My name is Mike Ncube and I’ve been managing Google Ads successfully for over 15 years. And I’ve managed over $100 million in advertising spend over the years for many small to medium-sized businesses in the United States and around the world.

Google Ads Audit Reviews

Read my reviews here to find out how I’ve helped many businesses set up and manage effective campaigns in Google Ads. I’ve worked with many over the years and created some great pay per click (PPC) strategies.

Google Ads Audit Process


The Google Ads audit includes a full analysis of your campaigns to find opportunities to improve them. Whether that’s Search, Display, Shopping Video, or other campaign types, I’ll be able to audit these for you and send you recommendations. You’ll be able to implement these yourself or you can hire me to update the campaigns.

Text Ads

Your text ads are what your potential customers see when they search on Google. These are known as responsive search ads, and they are displayed to match the device that people are searching on. So, it’s important that these are written well and appear in the right places. The Google Ada audit will cover this, and I’ll show you how to improve yours.

Bid Strategies

A key area that we will need to analyze and improve is the bid strategies that you’re using. This will help us to see how the ads have performed in line with the objective of each bid strategy like impressions, clicks and conversions. I’ll let you know if you’re using the right bid strategies. And I’ll let you know how to test other ones to improve performance.

Search Queries

Part of the keyword analysis also includes checking the search terms you are getting. These are the actual searches that people are doing on Google, and they are controlled by the match types that you are using. So, the search terms report will be important here and I’ll review this to see if these are in line with the keywords you’ve chosen. And we will block any that are not.


Keywords are an important part of advertising in Search campaigns. So, the PPC audit will inform you if you’re using the right ones and what to do about any that are not performing. If there are any gaps in your keywords, I’ll let you know how to find more targeted ones. And in the report, I’ll include details on how to do keyword and competitor research.


Conversions are the actions that people take when they get to your website. Whether that’s to get visitors to purchase, download, signup and so on, this will need to be mentioned clearly in the ads. And your visitors should be able to complete these actions on your website easily. I’ll check your conversion setup and give you suggestions on how to improve them.

Google Ads Achievements

For over 15 years I’ve worked with many businesses providing Google Ads audit, setup, management, and strategy services. See some of my achievements below.

Who I Work With

As a Google Ads specialist I work with small to medium-sized businesses that want to launch or improve their campaigns. And this includes auditing and implementing changes to boost performance. My clients are in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries across the United States and around the world.

Google Ads Audit FAQs

What do you charge?

Because every small to medium-sized business that I work with is different, what I charge also differs based on the requirements. So, I need to first carry out a review and research and then I send you a proposal and quote. Contact me for a proposal.

How will I get the Audit?
I’ll send you a document with all my findings and how you can implement them in your campaigns.
Can you implement your findings?
Yes I’d be happy to do that and I’ll send you a proposal and quote to implement my Google Ads audit findings.
What is your process?
I have a Process page where you can find out more about how I work. As you’ll see there, I always carry out an initial review or assessment and then we can proceed to the next stage.
Do you charge to carry out a review?
I don’t charge to carry out a review. However, if you would like an in-depth audit I charge a fee depending on your exact requirements.
What advertising budget should I set in my campaigns?
As I carry out the Google Ads audit I’ll assess your ads and let you know what budget you should implement – and that includes increasing or reducing it – and what you’re likely to get.
Do you work with small budgets?
Yes I do work with small budgets and many advertisers that come to me initially have small budgets and almost always increase as performance improves.
Do you have a reasonable amount of available time?
I’m always available to consider a new Google Ads project, however I need to do a review first to let you know how or if I can help.
How quickly can you set up my campaign?
I’ll need between 3-4 working days to set up your campaign. But at times it can take a bit longer or shorter.
Do you have experience in my industry?
I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in different sectors and industries. This include both B2B and B2C sectors for industries such as technology, SaaS, services, real estate, health, legal, construction and much more.
Do you offer a one-off service?
Yes, I do offer one-off audit, setup, management and monitoring services. However, for best results it’s important for us to work together for at least three months improving your campaigns.
Do you offer training?
I’ve trained over 10,000 businesses and individuals over the years in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world. I’m able to offer you one-to-one training and group training and I provide training via Teams or Zoom online.
Do you offer a white label service?
Yes, I do. I’ve worked with many digital agencies over the years offering my Google Ads advertising services. And I’m happy to sign an NDA or contract if required. Contact me to discuss further.

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