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Google Ads Suspension Help from Mike Ncube

Have you been suspended for a circumventing systems or suspicious payment violation? Or you’re not sure why your Google Ads account is suspended and can’t get through to the Google team?

Unfortunately, this is now becoming more common. And many advertisers have been suspended by Google and haven’t been able to get back online.

My name is Mike Ncube and I’m a Google Ads expert and I’ve helped many businesses that have been suspended to recover their accounts. I use my knowledge of Google Ads to recover your account or give you other options to get you back online and advertising again.

Google Ads Suspension Reviews

See some latest reviews from clients I’ve helped after their Google Ads accounts had been suspended.

Google Account Suspension Process

Account Review

First, I’ll need to review your Google Ads suspension. So, I’ll need access to your Google Ads account to check why the account has been suspended. Usually there will be a message in your account saying it has been suspended and the reason for it. This could be for suspicious payments, circumventing systems, counterfeit goods or other and I will assess that.

Policy Analysis

If you’ve received an email from Google, I’ll need to see that too. So, I’ll request that you send it to me, and I’ll check that to see what recommendations they include. I will then review the suspension reason in line with the policies that they provide, and I’ll advise if I can help or not. And if I’m able to help, I’ll make suggestions of what needs to be changed to get approved. And I charge for the initial review.


Some of the suggestions I send, you may be able to implement yourself. So, you can make the changes and check the policy rules and follow that to fix the Google account suspension. Or you can hire me to fix the suspension and I’ll send you a fixed quote based on an estimate on how long it takes. Sometimes it may take longer but you want not be charged more. And I will let you know timescales.

Account Update

If you’re happy to move forward, I will send you the quote and proposal and then when you accept, we can get started. I’ll then update your Google Ads account and fix the issues that are causing an issue. And if it’s the website that has a problem, I will let you know how we can fix that. In some cases, we’ll need help from your web developer if you have one. If not, I’ll recommend one to help here.

Google Appeal

After fixing the issues that caused the Google Ads suspension, we’ll need to submit an appeal. We can do this within your Google Ads account and provide all the details requested. I will handle this part for you and if I have any questions, I’ll let you know before submitting the appeal. I may also call the support team to see if they can give us some insights into the Google account suspension.

Campaign Optimization

If your account is reinstated, you’ll now be approved to advertise. But first, we need to ensure that your campaigns and ads are set up correctly. It’s likely that the Google Ads suspension may have caused you to stop advertising for weeks or months or over a year. So, we’ll need to optimize your ads to make sure they are set up correctly. And I’ll send you a proposal and quote and we can get started.

Google Ads Suspension Achievements

I’ve worked as a Google Ads specialist for over 15 years, and I’ve had many successful accounts unsuspended. Unfortunately, not all have been successful for various reasons, but you can be confident that you’re working with one of the leading experts.

Who I Work With

I’ve helped many businesses that have been banned from Google Ads. And many are now advertising after a difficult period. So, whatever your suspension reasons, contact me to discuss.

Google Ads Suspension FAQs

What do you charge?

Every Google Ads suspension us different. So, I need to first carry out a review and then I send you a proposal and quote. Contact me for a proposal.

How likely is my account to be unsuspended?
That really depends on several factors like the cause and if you’ve been suspended before and have had multiple accounts. So, I review each case and then I’ll let you know my thoughts.
What is your process?
I have a Process page where you can find out more about how I work. As you’ll see there, I always carry out an initial review or assessment and then we can proceed to the next stage. And I’ll let you know if I’m able to help with your Google Ads suspension.
Do you charge to carry out a review?
don’t charge to carry out a review. However, if you would like an in-depth audit I charge a fee depending on your exact requirements.
What advertising budget should I set in my campaigns?
As I carry out the review I’ll assess your ads and let you know what budget you should set – and that includes increasing or reducing it – and what you’re likely to get from it.
Do you work with small budgets?
Yes I do work with small budgets and many advertisers that come to me initially have small budgets and almost always increase as performance improves.
Do you have a reasonable amount of available time?
I’m always available to consider a new Google Ads project, however I need to do a review first to let you know how or if I can help.
How quickly can you set up my campaign?
I’ll need between 3-4 working days to set up your campaign. But at times it can take a bit longer or shorter.
Do you have experience in my industry?

I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in different sectors and industries. This include both B2B and B2C sectors for industries such as technology, SaaS, services, real estate, health, legal, construction and much more.

Do you offer a one-off service?

Yes, I do offer one-off audit, setup, management and monitoring services. However, for best results it’s important for us to work together for at least three months improving your campaigns.

Do you offer training?

I’ve trained over 10,000 businesses and individuals over the years in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world. I’m able to offer you one-to-one training and group training and I provide training via Teams or Zoom online.

Do you offer a white label service?

Yes, I do. I’ve worked with many digital agencies over the years offering my Google Ads advertising services. And I’m happy to sign an NDA or contract if required. Contact me to discuss further.

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