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Are you looking for an easier way to end your substandard campaigns and win your business more customers? The best way to achieve this is by using the services of a trusted Google Ads Freelancer. Having worked in the field for over 15 years, I’m on hand to help. I can put my knowledge and expertise to good use, enabling you to increase your sales with reduced marketing spend.

Throughout my career, I’ve managed over $100 million in advertising spend. For almost a decade, I’ve been a trusted Google Partner, and my specialism is in managing high-performing campaigns. Achieving the highest possible ROI for my clients is my passion. My clients include businesses across many different sectors, so my expertise is widespread and diverse. Whether your company is operating in the B2B or B2C sector, I’ll be the PPC freelancer you can rely on.

I am not only able to assist you in setting up your campaign, but also with its ongoing management. Whether you’re launching a Shopping campaign or a Search campaign, I can handle everything on your behalf. Keywords, ad copywriting, conversion tracking, and setting up responsive search adverts are all within my remit.

Google Ads Freelancer Reviews

Are you sick of poorly performing campaigns that are a waste of your marketing budget? Work with me as your trusted Google Ads freelancer, and you can turn things around. Look at the many five-star TrustPilot and FeeFo reviews that I’ve received. My happy clients are the proof that I can boost your campaign’s success.

Google Ads Freelancer Work

Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) are a key marketing tool that all small and medium-sized companies should harness. However, as a long-standing Google Ads freelancer, it’s clear to me that your business faces many challenges. Coming up with a strategy and a plan for a Google Ads campaign is difficult. Setting up and managing campaigns is often even harder. That’s why I am offering my assistance with a 4-step process for maximizing your campaigns’ ROI.

Campaign Setup

Setting up a campaign correctly is essential to ensure it achieves its full potential. When a campaign is well set-up, high-quality traffic will be driven to your site. I can help you with this, as your PPC freelancer. I can set up campaigns of all kinds to market your products and services. My experience in Display, Search, Remarketing, Shopping, Performance Max, and YouTube campaigns is extensive.

Campaign Management

Launching a campaign is just the first stage. It’s then essential to manage it on an ongoing basis. I can manage your campaign in the long-term to ensure it achieves optimal performance. As required, I can produce reports for you either monthly or weekly. As a result, you’ll always stay on top of the progress of your campaigns while maintaining full account control throughout.

Campaign Monitoring

As well as managing your campaign, I will regularly monitor it. I’ll analyze your campaign’s performance and ensure it constantly achieves your set goals. If any changes or tweaks are needed, I’ll implement them and maximize your campaign’s performance.

Campaign Planning & Strategy

A vital step in creating the most successful Google Ads campaigns is well-thought-out planning. Just give me your target audience details, budget information, and brief. I’ll then be able to give you freelancer advice regarding the best Google Ads strategy for you. Even better, I can implement the strategies you choose on your behalf.

PPC Freelancer Achievements

When you’re spending money on marketing but getting no results, a PPC freelancer is your solution. I’m aiming to end the problem of poorly performing Google Ads campaigns. I’m here to keep you from wasting your advertising budget while boosting your profitability, leads, and sales.

Who I Work With

I’ve worked with a huge number of SMBs across Canada and the USA, and my expertise across industries is extensive. My previous clients have been in diverse sectors from real estate to construction and from law to eCommerce. That means you can depend on me as a Google Ads freelancer to maximize your campaign’s success.

PPC Consultant FAQs

Check out some of the most important questions that I get from prospects and clients. I’ve included these here so you can get a quick idea of how I work and so you can see if it is relevant for you. But feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered here and I’d be happy to help. And contact me if you want a proposal for each of my services.

What do you charge?

Because every small to medium-sized business that I work with is different, what I charge also differs based on the requirements. So, I need to first carry out a review and research and then I send you a proposal and quote. Contact me for a proposal.

What is your process?
I have a Process page where you can find out more about how I work. As you’ll see there, I always carry out an initial review or assessment and then we can proceed to the next stage.
Do you charge to carry out a review?

I don’t charge to carry out a review. However, if you would like an in-depth audit, I charge a fee depending on your exact requirements. Contact me for a free review or visit the Audit page to learn more.

What advertising budget should I set in my campaigns?
Most advertisers start with small budgets and that’s fine. You can then increase it as performance improves. I’ll also carry out some keyword research and let you know my thoughts about what budget to set.
Do you work with small budgets?
Yes I do work with small budgets and many advertisers that come to me initially have small budgets and almost always increase as performance improves.
Do you have a reasonable amount of available time?
I’m always available to consider a new Google Ads project, however I need to do a review first to let you know how or if I can help.
How quickly can you set up my campaign?
I’ll need between 3-4 working days to set up your campaign. But at times it can take a bit longer or shorter.
Do you have experience in my industry?
I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in different sectors and industries. This include both B2B and B2C sectors for industries such as technology, SaaS, services, real estate, health, legal, construction and much more.
Do you offer a one-off service?
Yes, I do offer one-off audit, setup, management and monitoring services. However, for best results it’s important for us to work together for at least three months improving your campaigns.
Do you offer training?
I’ve trained over 10,000 businesses and individuals over the years in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and around the world. I’m able to offer you one-to-one training and group training and I provide training via Zoom or Webex online.
Do you offer a white label service?

Yes, I do. I’ve worked with many digital agencies over the years offering my Google Ads advertising services. And I’m happy to sign an NDA or contract if required. Contact me to discuss further.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want you to miss out on quality traffic and sales for your business. So, my guarantee is that your Google ads will be up and running within 5 working days. And you’ll be getting quality traffic that could potentially lead to sales or enquiries for your business. If you’re not up and running within that time, you’ll receive a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Let’s Get Started

Work with me and we’ll create customized Google Ads campaigns that will help your business achieve the success it deserves. Contact me below now, and we’ll get started! As a bonus, I offer a complimentary review of your account. Not only that, but I’m also offering an advertising voucher for new accounts worth $500.

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