Classified Ads Marketplace Search Campaign Case Study

I worked with TradinPost to develop and launch a brand-new Search Campaign for their brand to improve their quality scores. I also set up Ad groups that were focused on specific categories to boost the performance of their campaigns.

TradinPost is an online Classified Ads marketplace that has been established for almost 40 years. Purporting to the America’s number one destination online for the purchase and sale of new and used vehicles and general merchandise, it was established as an internet business in 1986, but existed offline a decade before that, providing a trusted solution for buyers and sellers all over the country. Yet, despite its long-lasting success as a business, TradinPost had been experiencing some significant issues with their Search campaigns and needed some professional specialists help to boost their performance in this area.

As an expert in the field, I was delighted to be able to offer my services. I was confident that such a reputable and trusted online listing service with such an impressive pedigree should be able to see an impressive increase in its click through rate with an improved campaign structure. So, I set to work to enable TradinPost to maximize its potential and make the most of its long-standing reputation.

The Challenge

When TradinPost approached me to request my services as a Google Search specialist, their Search campaigns were performing poorly, and their quality scores were also far below ideal. I identified that the problem was, primarily, a poor campaign structure – an issue that I was well-placed to address thanks to my years of expertise in the field.

The Solution

I worked with the TradinPost team to determine their Search campaign requirements before setting up a brand-new Search campaign that would meet all their marketing needs. The aim was to target as many searchers as possible, to increase the number of clicks and to boost the CTR (click through rate) to their website. I drew on my experience to develop and implement an effective Search campaign with Ad groups that were focused specifically on certain categories – a strategy that would improve the structure of their campaign and, thus, boost their quality scores overall.

The Result

After developing and improving TradinPost’s brand-new Search campaign, tailoring it to meet their specific needs and improving its structure through the addition of categorized Ad groups, I was pleased to see an impressive upturn in their quality scores as well as their overall campaign performance.

More than 46,000 searchers were effectively targeted with this new campaign, and more than 5000 clicks were received. This translated to an outstanding increase of 900% in TradinPost’s click through rate – an increase that delighted my client. Thanks to my assistance, their website is now thriving, and they have been able to target many more buyers and sellers nationwide thanks to their well-crafted Search campaign.




CTR Increase

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