Eye Surgery Google Ads Case Study

I set up a new Search campaign for Empire Eye, driving up their leads. I also gave their team Google Ads Training to enable them to run future campaigns independently.

Empire Eye is a leading provider of ophthalmology services in the Northwest, offering an outstanding level of eye surgery and medical eye care for their patients. Their team of board-certified surgeons specialize in using cutting-edge technology to provide advanced and innovative treatments.

While Empire Eye’s team are leading the way in their field, their ability to maximize the potential of Google Ads was extremely limited. They lacked the expertise necessary to launch campaigns and manage them in the long term. I was able to provide the expert assistance that they required to get them up and running.

The Challenge

The problem that Empire Eye was experiencing was simply a lack of expertise in the Google Ads field. None of their team had any knowledge of Google Ads, or how to harness its potential as a marketing tool. They required help from an expert to launch and manage their campaigns in the short term, with a long-term view to receiving the training that they needed to eventually be able to bring their future campaigns in-house.

The Solution

Thanks to my expertise in this field, I was able to offer my services to the Empire Eye team as a Google Ads specialist in both management and training. In the first instance, I worked closely with the team to set up a brand-new Search campaign that would drive up leads to their business. Once it was up and running successfully, I then turned my hand to offering Google Ads Training to the team. I enabled them to build up their knowledge so that they would be able to eventually run future campaigns independently.

The Result

After setting up Empire Eye’s new Google Search campaign, I was pleased to see excellent results. The click through rate (CTR) to their website increased dramatically by 46%, with clicks increasing by 62% and conversions going up by an impressive 70%. This was excellent news for the business, as it began to see increasing patient numbers and a boost in their overall revenue.

However, the establishment of the campaign was just the tip of the iceberg. Once I was satisfied that everything was up and running successfully, I then switched my focus to training the team, and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to independently run their Search campaigns in the future. By offering them the benefit of my expertise and imparting my knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner, I was able to ensure that the team had an excellent understanding of how to really make the most of everything that Google Ads can offer them in terms of marketing for their business. Empire Eye’s team are now able to independently launch and manage future campaigns without any need for expert intervention.


CTR Increase


More Clicks


Conversions Increase

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