Google Account Suspension Case Study

I worked with Advanced Roofing & Siding to determine the reason for the suspension of the two Google Accounts that they had previously set up. After looking into the issue, I determined that the best course of action was to set up a new account on their behalf and implement a successful Search campaign to promote their business.

Advanced Roofing & Siding is a trusted provider of roofing and siding services in Connecticut. Offering roof upgrades, new installations, repairs, and ongoing maintenance services, the company has earned a strong reputation over the years for the high quality of its customer care and its excellent reliability.

While the company was successful, the Advanced Roofing & Siding team were keen to achieve even greater brand recognition and to reach a wider target market. With that in mind, and to expand its marketing potential and make the most of digital opportunities, the company decided to set up a Google account so that they could run Search campaigns that would effectively promote their business. Unfortunately, they soon ran into some issues when their account was suspended by Google due to a violation of their policies. Unsure of where their error had occurred and unclear about how to rectify the issue, the Advanced Roofing & Siding team turned to me for help with lifting the suspension and getting their Search campaigns up and running.

The Challenge

The client got in touch with me looking to benefit from my expertise in the field of Google Search. They had previously set up two accounts to run promotional Search campaigns, but both of those accounts had been suspended by Google. The reason for those suspensions was apparently policy violations, but they didn’t know how to fix the issue, or what the rules were. I was happy to step in and put my industry knowledge to good use.

The Solution

After familiarizing myself with the client’s issues, I decided that the best course of action would be to set up a whole new Google account for them. I got to work, setting up the fresh account, this time making sure that all the policy rules and regulations had been followed closely to ensure there would be no future suspension.

Once the new account had been approved and was up and running, I worked with the brand to develop and implement a brand-new Search campaign that would effectively promote their business and help them achieve the marketing goals that they had set for themselves.

The Results

Having set up a new account for Advanced Roofing & Siding and implementing a new Search campaign on their behalf, I was pleased to see that it was soon achieving the desired effect for the business. The campaign that I had established achieved figures of over 36% for many of their selected search queries, and the total number of visitors to their website grew to more than 200 per month – an impressive outcome that the business was extremely happy with.

As they also now have an effective Google account, the client will be able to set up new Search campaigns in the future to further their marketing goals without having to worry about potential suspensions putting a stop to their ambitions.


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