Google Ads Audit Case Study

With few impressions and zero clicks, this client was struggling to make their Google Ads campaign work. I offered them a campaign review before implementing some effective changes that would increase the amount of traffic driven to their website.

UMAX is a brand that offers cutting-edge performance and high technology products to both businesses and consumers alike. Having been in operation since the late 1980s, the company first began offering professional 3D software and scanners to the public in 2014 to meet market demand. Having partnered with one of the world’s top manufacturers of 3D scanners, Shining 3D, UMAX takes pride in supplying a wide variety of high-quality products and delivering an outstanding level of customer service.

While their business has been established in the industry for many years, the team behind it were keen to utilize the potential of Google Ads to increase their reach, raise awareness of their brand, and drive-up conversions. Yet, despite implementing some campaigns, they were failing to achieve their marketing objectives. That was when they called in my services to draw on my expertise in the sector.

The Challenge

Although UMAX had already developed and implemented Google campaigns with a view to increasing the amount of traffic to their website, they had so far failed to achieve any success. Their campaign was getting very few impressions and, unfortunately, no clicks at all. It was clear that something needed to change, but after trying a variety of strategies to get impressions and clicks, the client had to concede that nothing was working for them and that they would require expert assistance to start getting results for their business.

The Solution

Upon being contacted by the client, I went ahead and booked an online session with them during which we could review their campaigns and determine where the problems arose. After taking a close look at what they had already set up and implemented, I could see that there were some key issues, with the most significant being that the client was using a target cost per action that was too low. Fortunately, I have the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to rectify the situation.

My audit of the campaigns had revealed which changes needed to be made, which I implemented immediately. When it came to the low target cost per action, I made a switch to a different automated bid strategy to start seeing some results. I was confident that traffic would increase rapidly following the changes being made and I was not disappointed.

The Result

Within just a few days of the changes being made, the client was delighted to see that the amount of traffic being driven to their website had already increased. To date, the site is now receiving over 60,000 impressions every month and is also receiving more than 5000 clicks per month. This is an enormous improvement, and the client is very pleased with the outcome.



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