Google Ads Campaign Set Up Case Study

I was asked to assist a successful small business that was eager to effectively use Google Ads to meet their marketing objectives. I set up a new Search campaign to boost their sales and increase the number of visitors to their website.

Suspender Mender is a recently launched small business specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality belt loop suspenders. Within its niche, it has achieved quite a strong following, and the company takes pride in its number of repeat customers who are loyal to the business.

Yet, while Suspender Mender had attracted its own audience, the company was struggling to extend its reach and target a wider market. They were keen to use Google Ads to set up effective Search campaigns that would bring more visitors to their website and increase their number of conversions. Unfortunately, they were experiencing some significant issues. Although they had managed to set up a Google Ads account, their campaigns were poorly set up, resulting in low quality scores. They needed assistance from an expert, and I was happy to step in.

The Challenge

While Suspender Mender had achieved some notable success within its niche marketplace over quite a short space of time since the brand’s launch, it was struggling to expand its reach to a wider audience. While the team had recognized the benefits of Google Ads Search campaigns to further their marketing objectives, they were struggling to use this tool effectively to meet their requirements. The Suspender Mender team got in touch with me to ask for my assistance, which I was happy to supply.

The Solution

After listening to my client’s requirements, I determined the cause of their problem. The campaigns that they had set up were poorly developed and set up incorrectly. Too few keywords and ad groups had been used, resulting in low quality scores. As a result, their Search campaign wasn’t achieving anything like the success that had been hoped. Fortunately, thanks to my expertise, I was able to implement an effective solution through the creation of a brand-new Search campaign with the optimal number of ad groups and keywords.

The Result

Following my development and implementation of a new, effective Search campaign for my client, we were pleased to note that increasing numbers of visitors were heading to the Suspender Mender website. More than 900 new visitors have been driven to the site since the implementation of the successful campaign, with over 32,000 impressions, or people who have seen the ads. Not only has the Suspender Mender site seen a great increase in its visitor numbers, but it has also seen an increase in sales. In terms of quality scores, the Search campaign is also excelling, with an average score of 8/10. The client is very pleased by the result and is now taking full advantage of all the marketing benefits that Google Ads can offer.

New Visitors


Quality Scores

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