Google Ads Optimization Case Study

This client approached me to request an audit of their existing Search campaigns with a view to repairing and optimizing them so that they could boost their click through rate and increase their number of leads.

Image Sun Tanning is a state-of-the-art tanning salon that is based in Blue Springs, Missouri, offering an outstanding service to its clients. Tapping into the latest beauty trends, the company has invested in world class skin care products and tanning equipment to ensure its customers benefit from the tanning experience that they desire. From spa services to spray tans and UV tans, Image Sun Tanning takes pride in delivering the optimal blend of wellness and beauty.

Having recognized the need to utilize the power of Google Ads to raise awareness of its brand and reach a wider target market, Image Sun Tanning set up its own Search campaigns to achieve its marketing goals. Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, those campaigns were failing to live up to their potential. Therefore, they got in touch with me to request my help in auditing their existing campaigns and determining where changes could be made to optimize them. I was pleased to be able to use my skills and knowledge to assist.

The Challenge

This client was seeking an audit of their existing Google Search campaigns to determine why they weren’t achieving the desired result for their brand. They requested that I review their campaigns, find out any potential issues that were holding them back from maximum success, and implement any necessary changes so that they could be optimized. At the time of contacting me, only one campaign was active for the brand with a single ad group, and both the quality scores and traffic levels were low. This was where I could put my expertise to good use.

The Solution

I got to work straight away, reviewing their single active campaign thoroughly and in-depth, and pinpointing all the areas in which tweaks, repairs, and changes could be made to boost their positive impact. Once the audit was complete, I was able to report back to the client and suggest my recommended course of action which was to set up a brand-new Search campaign, but with multiple targeted ad groups instead of the current single ad group.

The Result

The client was very happy for me to go ahead with my proposed strategy, and after setting up the new Search campaign I was confident that they would soon see significant improvements. Indeed, I was not disappointed. The client was pleased to note that their optimization score is now over 90% and their ad strength is good. As a result, their click through rate has now increased to over 25% for some of their ads, and they have also seen a 20% increase in leads. The brand is now well-placed for success.


Optimization Score


CTR Increase


Leads Increase

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