Google Search Campaign Set Up And Conversion Tracking Implementation Case Study

I worked with this client to determine why their Search campaigns were performing poorly. I set up a brand-new Search campaign as well as implementing conversion tracking to track their leads with the aim of seeing an increase in click through and conversion rates.

Dependable Care is a provider of care services in the Ventura County and Los Angeles wider areas. Offering a wide variety of care options including live-in, live-out, part-time, and full-time solutions to meet the needs of seniors, this long-established company takes pride in providing trusted and high-quality caregivers to those who need additional support with day-to-day living in California.

While the company was already a success, it was keen to make the most of the opportunities presented by Google Search to expand its reach, increase the number of visitors to its website, and boost the number of conversions. Although they had campaigns already in place, these were performing poorly and failing to achieve their objectives. This is where I was able to assist them.

The Challenge

Although the team behind Dependable Care had already recognized the need for Search campaigns to expand their business’ reach and drive up the number of visits to their website, they were failing to make best use of the tools that Google had to offer. While they had already put campaigns in place, it transpired that this had been set up incorrectly and was therefore performing poorly, meaning that their click-through rate was low and their conversion rate was non-existent.

When the client approached me to help, I was happy to use my expertise in this field to assist them in achieving their marketing aims. I got to work to define the root of the problem and to devise an effective solution that would get their campaign back on track.

The Solution

Having identified that the problem behind their low CTR (click through rate) and complete lack of conversions was a poorly set up Google Search campaign, I set about developing a brand-new one for the client. Not only did I implement this new campaign on their behalf, but I also set up conversion tracking for them, so that they could easily and efficiently track their leads.

The Result

Upon implementing the new Search campaign for the client, I was pleased to report to them that their Search targeting had been greatly improved. The proof could be seen within a short space of time, as their click-through rate increased by an impressive 22%. While their conversion rate at the present time remains relatively low, it is now consistently above 1%, which is a major step forward when bearing in mind that their old campaign produced no conversions whatsoever. This is a positive step forward for this client, who can now look forward to an increased reach and greater success from its campaign.


Impressions Increase


Conversion Increase

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