Health & Beauty Google Ads Case Study

I embraced the challenge of working with this client who was already running several successful Google Search campaigns but who was keen to improve their performance to boost their CTR and conversion rate.

Laser Love is a New York based hair removal salon that offers the latest laser techniques to improve their clients’ confidence and well-being. As well as laser hair removal services, they also offer Hydrafacials to boost skin wellness using state-of-the-art products.

As a forward-thinking business, Laser Love had already committed to tapping into the potential that Google Ads could offer in terms of marketing and raising brand awareness. They had already developed and implemented several campaigns and were achieving success with them, however they were keen not to rest on their laurels. They were determined to maximize the benefits that Google Search campaigns could bring the business by finding a way to optimize their campaigns to the full and improve their performance exponentially. To achieve this, they approached me to enquire whether I would be able to assist.

The Challenge

While the client was already running successful campaigns, they were eager to really make the most of everything that Google Ads could offer in terms of boosting their business success. To that end, they wanted me to audit their existing campaigns and look for any ways in which their performance could be improved so that they could increase their conversion rate even further and boost their click through rate (CTR).

The Solution

I was keen to embrace the challenge of auditing the client’s campaigns that were already in place to find any areas that could benefit from being tweaked, altered, or adjusted to optimize them. After reviewing their campaigns thoroughly, I decided to suggest setting up a new experiment that would test a Maximize Conversions bid strategy. The client was currently running a Maximize Clicks strategy, and I was eager to determine whether a change would make a difference to the success of their campaigns.

The Result

The client was happy to concede to my proposed strategy of experimenting with a Maximize Conversions bid strategy instead of their existing Maximize Clicks strategy, so I went ahead and put the experiment in place. I was pleased to see that my proposal soon began to show positive results, and the client was delighted to see that, within a short space of time, their click-through rate (CTR) had increased by around 25%. Their conversion rate had also gone up by an impressive 210%. While Laser Love were already seeing success from their campaigns, my expertise and knowledge helped them to get even more benefit from their strategies. Having already seen the positive impact of my actions, they are now well placed to achieve even greater success in the future.


CTR Increase


Conversion Increase

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