Mike Ncube Google Ads Case Study

This case study is a little different in that it involves my own Search campaigns. I sought to improve the Search targeting through the selection of more appropriate and effective keywords while removing those that were performing poorly to boost conversions and increase the click through rate.

Unlike the other case studies, I have outlined previously, this one is a little different since it involves my own Search campaigns. As an expert in Google Search and Google Ads, it couldn’t be more important to ensure that my own campaigns are designed and implemented to the highest possible standard. Having never previously run any Google Ads in the US, I decided that the time had come to set up my own campaigns, ensure the search targeting was optimal, and that they were achieving the marketing goals that I had set.

The Challenge

As I had never previously run any Ads in the USA, I had to set these campaigns up from scratch. Initially, the search targeting was not as good as it could have been as the keywords that had been selected were poor. As a result, my Ads were achieving a very low click through rate and even worse, no conversions at all. A complete overhaul of the keywords was needed to bring the Ads up to scratch and get them performing at the level necessary for success.

The Solution

After thoroughly auditing my campaigns, I recognized that the reason behind the lack of conversions and the poor CTR was the poor choice of keywords that I had selected. I went back to the drawing board, did more in-depth research, and then got to work tweaking and changing the keywords that I had chosen. I removed many of the poorly performing keywords while also adding in several new negative keywords to block any irrelevant searches. I was hopeful that this course of action would soon result in a boost to my click through rate and an uptick in conversions.

The Result

Once the poorly performing keywords had been removed from my Google Ads and the new negative keywords had been added in, I was confident that I would see some positive changes within a short space of time. I was pleased to note that I was correct in this respect. I soon noticed an increase in my click through rate of more than 200% – an impressive result. Not only was the CTR going up, but the effective conversion rate also increased to above 5%. Before implementing the changes, my campaign achieved zero conversions, but once I had acted, it began to achieve 40 leads every month. I was extremely pleased to see that a relatively simple change had achieved such an excellent result, and with fully optimized Google Ads, my business could thrive and grow.


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