Real Estate Wholesaler Google Ads Case Study

This client who was running a brand-new business required my assistance to develop a new highly researched Search campaign on their behalf and to implement a targeted landing page that would help them achieve a high rate of conversion.

Houston Homes Cash Buyers is a recently established company that specializes in the rapid purchase of properties to speed up the selling process for homeowners in need of a quick sale. As a new entrant into the marketplace, the business was facing some strong competition from rival companies in the same sector, and therefore it had some specific challenges to overcome when it came to marketing.

As a brand-new business, Houston Homes Cash Buyers realized that they could benefit from expert help to ensure their Search campaign would be as effective as possible to get the company off to the best possible start. With that in mind, they got in touch with me to find out whether I could assist them with their campaign. I was more than happy to assist and embraced the challenge willingly.

The Challenge

The initial problem that my client was facing in this instance was that the business was newly established and therefore had absolutely no history to work with. I was therefore having to work from the ground up to develop and implement an effective campaign that would meet the brand’s needs. Furthermore, due to the competitive nature of their industry, some of the keywords that would need to be used in their Search campaigns were extremely costly, with some costing as much as $50 per click or even more. Having ascertained the difficulties that were facing this client in its efforts to make the most of the Google Ads marketing tools, I got to work to help them achieve their aims.

The Solution

As an expert in the field, I recognized from the outset that developing any new Search campaign for this client would require an extensive amount of in-depth research. It was imperative to use the correct keywords to target the required audience, and therefore I spent some considerable time ascertaining the client’s requirements in full and carrying out exhaustive research. Once this was complete, I was well-placed to begin developing and setting up their new Search campaign. As requested by the client, I also set up a targeted landing page for their brand so that they could achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

The Result

Once the targeted landing page and new Search campaign were set up for the client, I was pleased to see that results were being achieved very rapidly. The campaign is now receiving a good click through rate (CTR) of over 20%, and even better, the cost per click (CPC) has been reduced to just $16, taking the cost per lead to less than $30 and helping to give the client an edge over its competitors in this crowded marketplace.





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