Search Campaign Setup Case Study

I offered my expertise to the team at Mountain View Eye Center to help them with the launch and management of their Google Ads campaigns. Once they were up and running, I then delivered training in Google Ads to the team so that they could run future campaigns independently.

The Mountain View Eye Center provides high-quality eye care services to patients in Fairbanks, Alaska. Carrying out advanced surgical procedures utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology, the team take an innovative approach to patient care, always ensuring best practice.

While the Mountain View Eye Center team were highly experienced in the eyecare field, they lacked any experience of using Google Ads, so when the time came to launch campaigns to market the center effectively, they didn’t know how to get started. This is where I was able to assist. I was happy to work closely with the team to implement campaigns on their behalf and to equip them with the skills they would need in future to manage their campaigns independently.

The Challenge

When the client got in touch with me, they were seeking assistance with their Google Ads campaigns. Keen to make the most of the marketing potential that Google Ads campaigns can offer but lacking any experience in setting them up or managing them in the long-term, the team were looking for an expert in the field who could get their Search campaigns up and running.

Not only did the client want short-term support to implement and manage Google Ads campaigns on their behalf, but they were also looking for a professional who would be able to train their team so that they would eventually be able to bring their Search campaigns in-house. I was more than happy to offer both services and got to work straight away.

The Solution

My first action for the client was to set up a brand-new Search campaign for them to drive up more leads to their website. I was able to develop and implement a successful Search campaign that would help the client achieve their marketing goals.

Once the campaign was up and running, and management of it was underway, I then turned my attention to imparting my knowledge to the Mountain View Eye Center team. It was their intention to eventually set up and manage campaigns of their own in the future, so they needed to develop the necessary skills to be able to do this effectively. I was able to deliver Google Ads Training to the team, building up their knowledge so that their future campaigns could be brought in-house.

The Result

Thanks to the Search campaign that I set up for this client, their click through rate (CTR) increased significantly by as much as 52%. Not only did they benefit from more visitors to their website, but their conversion rate went up by an impressive amount too – to 78%. Even better, the average cost per conversion dropped at the same time by 18%, saving the client money. Furthermore, thanks to my training, the client is now able to manage their campaigns successfully without the need for third-party intervention.


CTR Increase


Cost Per Conversion Decrease


Impressions Increase

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