Solar Energy Google Ads Case Study

I worked with this client to pause its old Google Search campaigns that were irrelevant and incorrectly set up. I then set up brand-new Search and Remarketing campaigns to help the brand achieve its marketing goals.

Sugar Hollow Solar is a solar energy company that offers a full array of services from design to installation across Western North Carolina. Working with schools, businesses, and homeowners alike, the brand is committed to helping its clients reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.

While the brand is achieving success, it wanted to expand its reach with Google Search campaigns that would target a wider audience, increase the number of visitors to its website and, in turn, boost conversions. To that end, they had used the services of a junior marketer to develop and launch campaigns to promote the brand. Unfortunately, those campaigns had failed to achieve the desired level of success, and so Sugar Hollow Solar contacted me, looking for assistance to improve the quality of their campaigns and help them achieve their marketing goals.

The Challenge

Although this client already had Google campaigns in place, unfortunately they were failing to achieve the level of success needed by the company. The campaigns had been set up by a junior marketer who lacked the necessary expertise to implement them correctly, and therefore they were driving irrelevant searches and struggling to reach the desired market. Fortunately, thanks to my expertise in this area, I was able to tackle the challenge and help the company turn its Google Search fortunes around.

The Solution

After determining the client’s problems with their existing Google Ads campaigns, I worked with them closely to identify their goals and requirements before getting to work to rectify the issues. My first step was to pause their old campaigns which were ineffective and irrelevant. I then developed and implemented brand new Search and Remarketing campaigns that were tailored to suit their marketing needs. Not only that, but I also set up an experiment to test two different bid strategies to determine the most effective option for the client.

The Result

Following the implementation of my new Search and Remarketing campaigns on behalf of the client, we were pleased to note that there was a complete turnaround in the effectiveness of their Google Ads strategy. Instead of the irrelevant searches that were being driven by the old poorly set up campaigns, these newly developed ones were increasing the amount of traffic being driven to Sugar Hollow Solar’s website. It was a significant increase too – 580%. Furthermore, the click through rate (CTR) had increased by an impressive 90%. These outstanding figures were reflected in the number of conversions, which increased by an incredible 1700%. It comes as no surprise that the client was extremely pleased with this outcome.


Traffic Increase


CTR Increase


Conversion Increase

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