Supplements Google Ads Case Study

I worked with this client in an extremely competitive industry who was seeking a greater return on their spend on Google Search campaigns. I was able to set up a new campaign on their behalf to successfully increase conversions while reducing costs.

ProCare Health is a USFCR Verified Vendor of vitamins designed specifically to meet the needs of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. With a mission to simplify the process of taking all the essential vitamins and minerals needed following weight loss procedures, ProCare Health has grown rapidly over the last few years, introducing new product lines to include multivitamins, calcium supplements and proteins.

While the company is relatively successful, its position in a highly competitive industry with multiple big players as its business rivals means that it needs to maximize its marketing opportunities to expand its reach and continue to reach a wider audience. ProCare Health had already set up several costly Google Search campaigns, however the results that they were achieving were less than stellar. It was for this reason that they came to me for help, hoping that my expertise in the field would enable them to increase their return on ad spend while boosting their conversions.

The Challenge

Due to the highly competitive industry that ProCare Health is positioned within, implementing an effective Google Search campaign couldn’t be more important. While the team were aware of this and had set up several different campaign types, unfortunately they were not as profitable as they needed them to be. The business had already spent a substantial sum on its existing ad campaigns and while they were seeing some profits, the return on their spend was low. Their Search campaign was performing especially poorly, and therefore they sought out my assistance as an expert in the field of Google Ads.

The Solution

I worked closely with this client to determine their specific needs from their Google Search campaign before getting to work to develop and implement a brand-new campaign, tailored to suit their requirements but designed to minimize the cost per conversion will increasing the number of conversions overall.

The Result

Following the development and implementation of my newly-designed Search campaign, the client was delighted to see that their impressions increased dramatically by 61%. Even better, they were not only seeing the number of visitors to their website going up, but they were also seeing a larger proportion of those visitors being converted into paying customers. Conversions saw an increase of 20% following the implementation of the new campaign. Not only that, but the cost per conversion decreased by 17% which meant that the business was spending far less for each conversion. This was excellent news for ProCare Health, enabling the brand to compete effectively with the other major players in their sector.


Impression Increase


Conversion Increase


Cost Per Conversion Decrease

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