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Google Ads for Lawyers
Google Ads for Lawyers: How A PPC Expert Can Help

Google Ads is one of the best advertising platforms for lawyers due to the targeting capabilities it gives you as an advertiser. You’re able to reach people searching for a law firm in your locations, by using keywords and targeted ads that are relevant to them.

However, there are some challenges to setting up Google Ads for lawyers. And it could take you months or years to fully master the platform. So, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a PPC expert to set up and manage your campaigns.

In this article, I’ll discuss some key points to help you decide if hiring a PPC expert for your law firm is right for you.

1. Campaign Setup

One of the most important services you’ll hire a Google Ads expert for, to promote your law firm, is to set up new campaigns. This will require a lot of research to find the best keywords and also to find out what keywords other lawyers are using in their campaigns.

You can set up the campaigns yourself initially, but this is usually not a good idea if you don’t have much experience with Google Ads. The ads should be set up effectively and it’s important to get help from a PPC expert with experience working with lawyers, for this part of the work.

Some of the work the Google PPC expert you hire will do includes:

– creating responsive search ads
– conducting keyword research
– adding negative keywords
– updating assets and extensions
– setting bid strategies and much more

But one of the challenges in Google Ads for lawyers is that there can be a lot of competitors, which drives up the average cost per click (CPC). But, with the help of a PPC expert, you will have a targeted campaign that’s optimized for your audiences.

The cost to set up a new campaign starts from $450 per campaign. But it will depend on many factors like the complexity of the campaigns, experience of the PPC expert and so on.

2. Campaign Management

Most work that will be done by a Google PPC expert in your account will include managing and optimizing your campaigns to improve their performance.

As a law firm, this will be important because competitors will be doing a lot of similar work. So, your campaigns will need updating regularly to achieve good performance.

This work includes:

– optimizing campaign, ad group and keyword structures
– adding negative keywords to block irrelevant searches
– adding new keywords to target more searches
– updating bid strategies to achieve better positions and conversions
– increasing Optimization score through Recommendations
– creating new campaigns and more.

The cost of PPC management can vary widely and will depend on factors like your advertising budget, the hourly rate of the agency, the pricing model used and so on. But PPC management costs for lawyers start from $550 per month and can be much higher for larger accounts.

3. Keyword Research

Before creating a campaign, your PPC expert will carry out some keyword research to find the best keywords to bid on. This is important for lawyers because picking the wrong keywords will result in a poor performing campaign.

There are a number of good keyword research tools for this, and Google Ads provides the free Keyword Planner tool in your account. And it helps you to find good keywords and to carry out some forecasting to see what you’re likely to pay and how many leads you’re likely to get.

The cost of keyword research is usually included in the set up or management of your campaigns. But you can reach out to a Google Ads specialist if this is a one-off requirement and request a quote.

4. Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion tracking in Google Ads allows you to see where your inquiries and leads are coming from. So, you’ll see which campaigns, ads and keywords are getting you leads, and which aren’t and then the campaigns can be adjusted for maximum results.

As a lawyer, it’s important that this is set up correctly from the beginning. Because with a limited advertising budget, this can quickly run out with few results to show for it.

A Google Ads expert with experience working with lawyers will advise you which conversion tracking solutions to implement. And this will depend on your goals, the type of website you have and more.

5. Remarketing Setup

Google Ads can help lawyers that want to reach out to past website visitors to remind them of their services. This is possible with the remarketing features that help you create audiences based on your past website visitors and then retarget them with tailored ads to bring them back so they can convert.

A PPC expert will set up a remarketing campaign for you to target visitors in the search results or on the Display network. And they will create search and display ads for each of these networks to help you reach your audiences.

The costs to set up a remarketing campaign start from $450 per campaign. And the campaign will have between 1 to 15 ad groups, with each targeting audiences that are relevant for your law firm.

6. Analytics Tracking & Reporting

Although Google Analytics is a different platform from Google Ads, it’s still an important advertising solution and it’s recommended that you use it. And it’s great too that it’s a free platform and provides great insights and recommendations about your website traffic.

So, look for a Google Ads consultant who has tons of experience with analytics tracking and reporting. And they should know how to tailor it to a law firm and help you as a lawyer to find out who is visiting your website and what they are doing and looking for.

Tracking and reporting are usually part of a Google Ads management service and you won’t be charged separately for this, whether that’s through Google Analytics or within Google Ads.

7. Google Ads Training for Lawyers

If you’re looking to run your ads in-house or just to understand how the advertising works, then Google Ads training may be the solution. And a Google Ads expert will provide this training to upskill you on the platform and how it works and how you can manage the ads yourself.

The cost of training is usually charged by the hour, and you can expect to pay $150 per hour. In most cases 4-6 hours is sufficient to help you gain a good grounding on how to manage your ads.

This training will cover many areas of Google Ads but will be customized to your specific needs.


Google Ads is a great platform for lawyers. I hope you have seen its benefits from this article and are ready to run effective campaigns.

My name is Mike Ncube and I’m a Google Ads consultant and PPC freelancer and I have many years’ experience working with lawyers. Contact me today to discuss.

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Hi, Mike Ncube is a leading digital marketing consultant who blogs about the best and latest digital insights. He writes about topics such as Google Ads, digital strategy, LinkedIn Ads, Email, SEO, Google Analytics and more. Reach out to him if you have any questions and subscribe to his blog to start learning.

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