From Struggle to Success:
Transforming the SHS PPC Campaigns

Sugar Hollow Solar was facing initial challenges and stagnant results with its Google Ads pay per click (PPC) campaigns. By leveraging my skills and insights we were able to overhaul their strategy and launch effective campaigns.

“I would highly recommend working with Mike to expand your google ads knowledge”

– Isaac L. Marketing Exec. at SH Solar

About SH Solar

Johanna and her marketing team at Sugar Hollow Solar have seen the benefits of hiring a Google Ads specialist to set up and manage their campaigns.

As a solar panel company operating in the competitive energy sector, they have many competitors in their space and can be a challenge to stand out.

Fortunately, they understand the power of pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google. And they have taken the right steps in reaching their residential and commercial audiences online.

Google Advertising Agency


“Mike has been immeasurably helpful for us in getting our Google Ads advertising maximized from setting up new campaigns that are set up correctly” 

 – Johanna, Director of Marketing and Development.

Google Ads Performance

The results have been impressive and they have seen a significant increase in traffic and conversions.

Trustpilot Review

Great information explained well from a seasoned professional.

Mike was incredibly helpful providing in-depth explanations to all of my questions. His insights into google ads best practices were also incredibly helpful as the digital advertising landscape so frequently changes.

Google Ads for Ecommerce
Google Ads for Ecommerce


The solar energy industry is a fast-paced industry with many new entrants looking to meet an ever-growing demand for solar power solutions. And many are seeing the benefits of reaching their audiences with online tools and channels like sponsored search on Google.


Sugar Hollow has emerged to meet this rising demand and has quickly become a leader in this space in North Carolina. However, there are challenges like:

  • ️low performing PPC campaigns ️
  • Irrelevant searches with low conversion ️
  • Wrong campaign network targeting


I worked closely with SHS to understand their goals for Google Ads and what they wanted to achieve. We then paused the existing campaigns and created a strategy to create new campaigns.


  • Traffic increased by 580%
  • CTR increased by 90%
  • Conversion Rate increased 1700%

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