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Has your account been suspended? Find out how my Google Ads account suspension service can help

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Google Ads Suspension

Work with a Google Ads expert to get your account reinstated. This is what’s included in my Google Ads Account Suspension service:

Account Review

First, we will need to review your account to find out the cause of the Google Ads suspension. Whether it’s circumventing systems or payments policy violation, the review will give us more information and a solution to fix it.

Account Appeal

After correcting any issues that caused the suspension, whether it’s on your website or within Google Ads, we will now put in an appeal. This process is quick and usually an answer is instant or takes a few days.

Policy Analysis

The policy documents are helpful in fixing a suspension. And using my experience I’ll review the policy and the suspension and then advise you on how to fix it and if it’s even possible to fix

Google Setup

After a successful appeal we may need to create a new campaign to prevent any future suspensions. And we will follow best practice as we set it up or if we are just setting up new ads. And this will include all other campaign settings.


I’ll also send you recommendations if I feel it’s a problem you can fix yourself without me charging you. And if I’m able to help I’ll give you different options and pricing so you can decide how to move forward.

Campaign Optimization

Finally, I’ll send you a proposal and quote for ongoing optimization if I haven’t already done so. This will include management and monitoring of your campaigns to ensure you achieve your advertising goals.


“Mike has been immeasurably helpful for us in getting our Google Ads advertising maximized from setting up new campaigns that are set up correctly” 

 – Johanna, Director of Marketing and Development.

Trustpilot Reviews

Read reviews from past clients of the work I’ve done to set up and manage effective campaigns in Google Ads.

Amazing SEO Training

From someone who has zero experience with SEO, Mike’s training was perfect. Everything was explained in way that I was able to understand every bit of it. Mike’s as a trainer is awesome too. He makes sure you are understanding the material that he is explaining.
Top Marketing trainer! Highly recommended.

Our Google Ads experience with Mike is stellar

Our Google Ads experience with Mike is excellent because he is very responsive and attentive to our business’s needs. I like that I can send him an email with a question or concern and he gets right to work on helping us with what we need. The majority of customers who visit our spa find us on Google and Mike’s Ad management skills benefit our business greatly. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Google Ads manager.

Great information explained well from a seasoned professional.

Mike was incredibly helpful providing in-depth explanations to all of my questions. His insights into google ads best practices were also incredibly helpful as the digital advertising landscape so frequently changes. I would highly recommend working with Mike to expand your google ads knowledge.

Case Study

Brandor case study

I worked with Brandor to determine the reason for their Google Account suspension and to resolve the issue. I was able to find the cause of the problem, set up a new account for the client, and handle invoicing and payments on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge to fix a suspension?

My charges to fix a Google Ads suspension start from $700 but will depend on the type of suspension and the complexity. Some suspensions are not fixable so I’ll let you know if that’s the case and will let you know other options.

I can’t understand why my account was suspended. Can you help?

Yes, I’d be happy to help. I’ll need the email that Google has sent to you regarding the suspension. And we will use that to review the suspension along with the policy rules and work on that to fix it.

What is your success rate with suspensions?

This depends on the type of suspension. For example, my success rate with suspicious payment suspensions has been 100% so far. But for others like circumventing systems suspension, the success rate is about 60%.

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