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Are you an agency and looking for support with your clients’ accounts? Find out about my Google Ads White Label service.

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Google Ads White Label Service

As a Google Ads freelancer, I’m able to offer your agency an affordable Google Ads white label service which includes:

Account Access

Because this is a Google Ads white label service, I’ll advise the best way for you to grant me access to your client’s account. This is important because it prevents any conflict with the client regarding granting access.

Ad Creation

As part of campaign set up, we will need to create new ads to reach potential customers. These ads can be created by your client, and we can upload them, or I can create them and then show you for approval before uploading.

Campaign Setup

My fees for campaign setup for a white label service are affordable and lower than what I normally charge for this and Google Ads management. So, contact me to get a proposal and quote for this.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords to add to your campaign is crucial because it determines the performance. My Google Ads white label service includes full keyword research to identify the best keywords to target.

Campaign Optimization

Ongoing Google Ads optimization is important because it helps to improve performance and targeting. So, it includes updating ads, keywords, search terms and much more, and this is included in my service.

Conversion Setup

The Google Ads white label service I provide also includes setting up conversions. This helps to see how your campaigns are performing and which ads and keywords are driving conversions. And we set this up in Google Analytics.


“Mike has been immeasurably helpful for us in getting our Google Ads advertising maximized from setting up new campaigns that are set up correctly” 

 – Johanna, Director of Marketing and Development.

Trustpilot Reviews

Read reviews from past clients of the work I’ve done to set up and manage effective campaigns in Google Ads.

Amazing SEO Training

From someone who has zero experience with SEO, Mike’s training was perfect. Everything was explained in way that I was able to understand every bit of it. Mike’s as a trainer is awesome too. He makes sure you are understanding the material that he is explaining.
Top Marketing trainer! Highly recommended.

Our Google Ads experience with Mike is stellar

Our Google Ads experience with Mike is excellent because he is very responsive and attentive to our business’s needs. I like that I can send him an email with a question or concern and he gets right to work on helping us with what we need. The majority of customers who visit our spa find us on Google and Mike’s Ad management skills benefit our business greatly. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Google Ads manager.

Great information explained well from a seasoned professional.

Mike was incredibly helpful providing in-depth explanations to all of my questions. His insights into google ads best practices were also incredibly helpful as the digital advertising landscape so frequently changes. I would highly recommend working with Mike to expand your google ads knowledge.

Case Study

Houston Homes Case Study

This client who was running a brand-new business required my assistance to develop a new highly researched Search campaign on their behalf and to implement a targeted landing page that would help them achieve a high rate of conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge to set up a new campaign?

My charges to set up a new campaign depend on the type of campaign you want. However, this starts from $300 per campaign, especially for a Search campaign, which is what most advertisers require.

What are your fees for Google Ads management?

I charge a fixed fee for Google Ads management, and this depends on your monthly ad spend and the number of active campaigns you have. This starts from $400 per month. Contact me for a quote.

Do you offer Google Ads PPC training?

Yes, I offer training in Google Ads. My charges start from $360 for a two-hour training session. And this mainly includes training in Search campaigns and Display advertising.

Can you audit my campaigns?

I offer both Google Ads reviews and audits. The review is free and is for me to send you a proposal and quote to fix any issues and help with setup and management. The audit is a full service where I create a report with recommendations that you can implement yourself. My charges for an audit start from $450 one-off. You can also hire me for a fee, to fix any issues that I find.

Do you work with small businesses?
Most businesses I work with are small and that includes startups and micro businesses. Contact me to discuss your requirements.
When can you get started?
I’ll let you know my availability but usually I can start immediately after you’ve accepted the proposal and are ready to start. The campaign set up usually takes 4-5 days to complete.
What results will I get?

This will depend on many factors including how the campaign is set up, competition, budget and so on. Fortunately, I have a proven Google Ads keyword model that has a success rate of over 95%. And after assessing your strategy, I’ll be able to advise the likely success rate.

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